Shelby County

Dearborn County

Shelby County maintains its pride in the natural beauty contained within, being home to the “oldest standing natural forest in the state”, along with their Blue River Trails winding through and around downtown Shelbyville, its city. The county is also known for its proximity to Indianapolis and easily accessible cultural amenities. This location puts Shelby in an ideal position for great entrepreneurial potential as they seek to modernize their broadband infrastructure.



County Commissioners:

Jason Abel
North District

Kevin Nigh
Center District
Vice President

Don Parker
South District


Contact Information

Shelby County Courthouse Annex
25 W. Polk St.
Room 206
Shelbyville, IN 46176

Ph: (317) 392-6330
Fax:  (317) 392-6393

Commissioners – Shelby County Indiana Government




Don Roberts, Clerk-Treasurer


Contact Information

418 W Main St
Morristown, IN 46161

Ph: (765) 763-6748
Fax: (765) 763-6245



Tom Debaun, Mayor

Common Council

Rob Nolley, Council President (At-Large)
(317) 398-6624

Brian Asher, At-Large
(317) 398-6624

Joanne Bowen, 1st Ward
(317) 398-6624

Betsy Means-Davis, 2nd Ward
(317) 398-6624

Mike Johnson, 3rd Ward
(317) 398-6624

Sam Furgeson, 4th Ward
(317) 398-6624

Thurman Adams
(317) 398-6624

Contact Information

City Hall
44 W Washington Street
Shelbyville IN, 46176

Mayor’s Office – City Of Shelbyville, IN

Common Council – City Of Shelbyville, IN