Dearborn County

Dearborn County

Dearborn County is a part of the Greater Cincinnati metro area and is one of five SIRPC regional counties located along the Ohio River. Dearborn County’s two biggest cities, Lawrenceburg and Aurora served as major connection points for the port and rail industries for the area.

Many industries were built throughout the nineteenth century, the most notable being distilleries and furniture. Though its two cities get prominent attention, Dearborn’s smaller towns have much to offer and boast about as well. The micropolitan areas and small towns have seen revitalization in recent years thanks to Mainstreet programs and other economic development initiatives, making this county ripe for all types of investments.



County Commissioners:

Jim Thatcher, District 1 

Allen Goodman, District 2

Rick Probst, District 3


Contact Information

165 Mary St
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025
Ph: (812) 537-1040

Meet Your Commissioners / Dearborn County, Indiana



Patrick Schwing, Mayor

City Council - District 1

Sherry Love -

City Council - District 2

Jonne Messer

City Council - District 3

Terry Hahn

City Council - District 4

Pam Hartford

City Council - At Large

Michelle Jarvis

Contact Information

 235 Main Street
Aurora, IN 47001
Ph: (812) 926-1777

Administration | Aurora, Indiana



Derek Walker, Town Manager

Rita Stevens, Town Clerk : 812.432.3243

Contact Information

13030 Executive Dr, Dillsboro, IN 47018
Ph: (812) 432-3243



Vince Karsteter, Mayor

City Council

District 1 - Ryan Goode

District 2 - Richard Steuer

District 3 - David Hall

District 4 - Kurt Mollaun

District 5 - Mike McLaughlin

At Large - Erin Marqua

At Large - Brett Hamilton

Contact Information

500 Ridge Avenue
Greendale, IN 47025
Ph: 812-537-9219
Fax: 812-537-4915

City of Greendale | Mayor's Office

City of Greendale | City Council



Kelly Mollaun, Mayor


City Council

Council Member At Large – Brett Bondurant

Council President, Council Member District 1 – Tony Abbott

Council Member District 2 – Dylan Liddle

Council Member District 3 – Tom Rowlett

Council Member District 4 – Lennie Fryman


Contact Information

230 Walnut Street
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

Department Directory - City of Lawrenceburg

Town of West Harrison


Danny Scott, Town Board President

Christina Swafford, Clerk Treasurer


Contact Information

Town Hall
100 Railroad Ave.
West Harrison, Indiana
Ph: (812) 637-3758

Board – Town of West Harrison

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